Bilingual Education

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Bilingual education is an exceptional proposition for students’ communication and social skills development. Choosing bilingual over monolingual education is a wholly personal choice for a family.

Our French and international families aspire for their children to have a bilingual learning experience for many reasons, including their children developing the ability to speak French and English.

While learning two languages takes an investment of time, our students benefit from true bilingual immersion that monolingual education cannot equal.

Our culture of care

Teachers tailor the bilingual learning experience to the individual, and encourage students to express themselves with assurance at their own pace. They nurture each child through personalised attention to build their confidence as they navigate the bilingual classroom environment. This caring environment ensures a sense of wellbeing where all children can feel safe, supported and ready to learn. 

French and English days

At ICS Côte d’Azur, every child, from the early years to primary, benefits from having two classroom teachers: one who teaches in French and one who teaches in English.

Each class group is taught in French one day, the next in English, on a ten-day cycle.

Our teachers speak French on French days and English on English days irrespective of the subject matter. Children understand which of the two global languages we expect them to use on each assigned day.

Language support

Our school offers an intensive language support programme for French as a foreign language (FLE) learners and English as a foreign language (EFL) learners.

These support lessons for beginners assist acquisition in either language, bringing them the linguistic competence required to access the curriculum and progress confidently.

Our FLE and EFL classes have dedicated learning spaces for tutoring small groups of students throughout the school day.

PY6 with EAL Sample Timetable

Click the image above for a sample PY6 EAL timetable.

PY6 with FLE Sample Timetable

Click the image above for a sample PY6 with FLE timetable.