Our Community: Morgane Scherlen
Jennifer Wallace

Our KG1 French Teacher, Morgane Scherlen, shares with us her affinity for the IB PYP and teaching Early Years, as well as her love of adventure and travel.

What is the PYP Exhibition?
Jennifer Wallace

For the past several weeks, our ICS PY6 students have been working hard on researching and preparing for the PYP exhibition. But what exactly is this renowned event at the end of the Primary Years Programme?

Public Speaking Skills with PY5
Jennifer Wallace

How do we develop confidence with public speaking in our students? Read our blog post to see how PY5 have been working on giving presentations. 

What is Historical Empathy?
Jennifer Wallace

Whilst studying their central idea of 'how the past influences the present', our PY3 students were introduced to the concept of Historical Empathy.

PlayHub at ICS - A New Approach to Recess
Jennifer Wallace

We've just launched a new initiative at recess here at ICS called PlayHub. Learn more about our vision for inclusive and fun break time games in our blog post.

Personal Growth with KG2
Jennifer Wallace

KG2 students have been looking at the PYP line of enquiry our personal evolution helps us understand that we can change, with the help of a little shiny friend.

Mapping the Classroom with PY1
Jennifer Wallace

How do we combine teaching Maths and Geography in Early Years? In PY1, our students have been researching maps and models in their current PYP unit of enquiry.

Top Tips to Encourage Reading at Home
Jennifer Wallace

Inspired by the enthusiasm of our students during the French Book Festival, we put together five top tips to encourage reading at home.

Exploring the realms of self-discovery and heritage
Emna Metoui

In an exploration of self and heritage, our PY2 students learned about their immediate family but also began to grasp the profound concept of how family history intertwines with individual identity.

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