Delving into our PYP Units
Emna Metoui

It is an exciting time here at ICS as our students dive deep into their units of inquiry "Who we are" and "How we organise ourselves" from the PYP curriculum.

Back to School Edition! Part II. Why Community Matters
Emna Metoui

At ICS, we understand the significance of making our new families feel right at home and we are absolutely thrilled to have welcomed our incredible new families to our orientation day on September 1st!

13 After-school activities your child can practice at ICS!
Emna Metoui

As parents, we spent the whole summer with our child(ren) trying to figure out what new activities and hobbies they could be into for this school year! Here are a few suggestions to help you choose from! And they can practise all of them at ICS! 

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