Our Community : Laurence Trucchi

Our Community : Laurence Trucchi
Lise Cudin
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Our teachers are the beating heart of our school, which is why we place a high value on the quality of learning delivered by our talented and experienced team. We recently sat down with Laurence Trucchi, a PY4 teacher, who has been at ICS Côte d’Azur for over 7 years.

Laurence, would you please introduce yourself?

I joined ICS Côte d'Azur (formerly EBICA) in 2014, and I came from a pedagogical background. Previously, I taught Economy, Management and Law to university students studying Business, but I was always attracted by Primary School education, so I made a career switch.

I’m a mother of an 11, 18 and 21 year old, and I’m an elected member of the Youth Council of Le Rouret where I live. Studying early childhood development is something that has always fascinated me and helped me grow as a person. It was the natural next step for me to join a private international primary school like ICS Côte d'Azur, which guides children from all backgrounds to develop open-mindedness thanks to the IB PYP approach.

What do you like the most about the IB PYP approach?

First of all, I love how we share ideas in the classroom in the spirit of openness. At ICS Côte d'Azur we work with many different nationalities, and both the French and English curricula have their own specificities and methods, so it is important that as a teacher I adapt and personalise learning to the needs of the students.

Obviously, this is a lot more work than in a typical school, as we are not teaching one subject with one method. As teachers we have to adapt and offer multiple methods for delivering learning whilst mixing all the subjects in the curriculum. For example, Maths is no longer taught by writing sums in a notebook, you have to explain the different approaches to each child. Thanks to the IB PYP though, we always put theory into practice with real life examples, and the children are at the centre of their learning. They are encouraged to vocalise their thought processes and ideas, and to give presentations in front of an audience. When they listen and learn from one another, it adds an enriching dimension to the classroom.

In addition to delivering the IB PYP, we are also a bilingual school, which enhances the sharing aspect even further, and both teachers and students have to adapt to two languages. I really enjoy working with my English ‘partner’, Giuliana Rossi, especially when we work together to provide continuity so that children learn the same vocabulary in French and English on the topic we are studying that week. It's a really interesting challenge that makes me love my job!

What do you like most about the school? 

I believe that there is a very strong sense of community at this school, and we come together frequently to share and celebrate learning. Even though many activities were put on hold because of COVID, this is still a friendly and welcoming school. Speaking of COVID, I have received a lot of positive encouragement and thanks from families over the last two years as they realised just how difficult a job teaching is!  I try to be as available as possible for parents and to develop close relationships with them, and I like the feeling of mutual trust we share. When you add in the children’s smiles…it’s a winning combination! 

Is there anything else we should know about you?

As a dynamic and energetic person (a little too much sometimes according to my family), I am always looking for the next adventure…

I recently participated in the "Allumés de la pleine lune", a 12 km night walk between Saint-Cézaire and Saint-Vallier. I highly recommend people give it a go, as it is both a challenge and fun for the whole family.