Globeducate Visual Arts Competition 2022

Globeducate Visual Arts Competition 2022
Jennifer Wallace


Artistic expression comes in many forms and can cross cultures, languages and nationalities. Each year, students from all Globeducate schools in ten countries, across four age groups, from five to 18, to share what inspires them about a given theme.

Each year we are treated to an uplifting and incredible gallery of artistic work and in 2022, the eighth year of this very popular international visual arts competition, our students will work with the theme of “Movement”. The competition launched in June, with submission in November and winners announced before Christmas.

It's not surprising that this is such a popular competition with our students because Visual Arts is a key aspect of the Globeducate STEAM Agenda, the A in STEAM, and this competition showcases how our students interpret a theme on their own terms and according to their own interests, values and passions. 

But it's really all about getting creative and the main objectives are to encourage artistic development among Globeducate students, to discover and share talents of students of different cultures and nationalities, to share creative work across the Globeducate school network of 55+ schools, and to strengthen and celebrate our international identity.

Previous years' entries have shown that we are a very creative community and that our students can produce work of a high level.

In categories including painting, sculpture and 3D Art, poetry, drawing, creating writing and photography, students can work individually or in pairs to create a visualisation of an idea they have about movement.  Will it be physical movement of the human body? Migration of species? Water levels raising and polar ice caps melting? The power of water and hydroelectric power, wind turbines or other forms of renewable energy? Or will it be the movement of emotions and the heart coming from human relationships or the impact of war? The field is completely open for interpretation by our young visual artists.

In our school we see movement all of the time - plans of action, progress, transformation, determination to protect the planet, to foster peaceful and inclusive societies, to explore sustainable transport and global solidarity.

Students have from now until November to work on their creations, at which point all submissions are judged internally in schools and finalist work, one entry per category, per school, is submitted to a panel of judges from Globeducate.

We look forward to seeing this year's entries for the 2022 Globeducate Visual Arts Festival.