Our ICS Community: Caroline Bruno

Our ICS Community: Caroline Bruno
Jennifer Wallace

We enjoy forging privileged relationships with like-minded educators and specialists in our region. These partnerships open up possibilities for stimulating, professional  dialogue, the enrichment of our programme and being able to offer additional services to families from trusted experts. As we ease towards the end of the restrictions related to the pandemic, we also look forward to offering workshops for parents on important topics such as managing your child’s emotions, supporting literacy at home and developing healthy learning habits. Our partners will be valuable collaborators as we develop the series. 

Today you can learn more about Caroline Bruno, an instructional coach and passionate educator who has been running holiday courses at ICS Cote d’Azur and working with some of our families. 

Caroline, please can you introduce yourself?

After obtaining a Master's degree in Education, I discovered Montessori and other alternative teaching methods in England and Canada 20 years ago. I started my career in the Aix-Marseille Academy as a school teacher, and then opened a public school in Aix-en-Provence: the Olivier School. This school welcomed children from 2 to 11 years old. The project was inspired by different pedagogical programmes (Montessori, Freinet) and meticulously respected the French National Curriculum. With this experience, my technical and scientific knowledge and my love for research, I naturally turned to School Coaching while teaching at university.

What is your role at ICS Côte d’Azur?

I am very happy to put my skills to use at ICS Côte d'Azur by organising academic coaching sessions. I offer personalised support, adapted to the age, level and objectives of the student. Some students need help learning methods to become more efficient and independent. Certain students need guidance to develop their concentration and organisation skills, to understand 'school rules', to discover the rewards that come with making an effort, and to have confidence in themselves. 

I strongly believe that every child has wonderful potential inside them just waiting to be discovered. I compare my job to that of a gardener. I look for the little seed hidden in each learner, a 'little thing', which may not be obvious at first sight. With time, I can nurture this seed and help it bloom to give the student confidence, broaden their perspectives, and encourage them to overcome hurdles and reach their goals.

What do you like the most about working with our community?

I enjoy working with professionals who have a keen understanding of children and their needs. This is the case with Amanda Scott and her teaching team. Our teamwork and reciprocity means that we can offer children strong support.

I would also say that the culture of care in the school is perfectly in line with my values.

Do you have a special memory of the school?

I remember the warm welcome from the PY6 class when I first came to work with them, and especially on the last day of our time together. My English colleague was working with one half of the group, whilst I was working with the other half studying the functioning of the brain. With the help of my colleague, the children covered the board with touching messages and poems for me. I immortalised this moment with a photo that I treasure, along with the other highlights of my career.

Do you wish to share anything else with our community?

I would like to underline to the parents of PY5 and PY6 students that I am here to help them understand the options available for secondary school. With the help of Amanda Scott and the whole school team, we can guide them towards the right school for their children.