The PYP Exhibition: A Student-led Project

The PYP Exhibition: A Student-led Project
Jennifer Wallace
The PYP exhibition is an event where students are given the opportunity to share their understanding of a real-life issue or topic they've researched. This student-led project serves as the culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme for PY6, and is also a great way to help pupils reflect on their learning whilst developing their presentation and assessment skills.

Students work in groups to choose a topic that they are passionate about, and are then mentored by a member of staff as they pursue their lines of enquiry. They explore, document, and share their understanding of an issue that has personal significance to them.

This year's themes included the following:

  • Animal welfare
  • The Power of Technology
  • Humans’ rights and Gender Equality
  • Space discovery

As well as helping the students gain confidence in their presentation skills, the PYP exhibition teaches other valuable skills such as collaboration, time management, research and reflection.

Parents also provide valuable assistance during the PYP exhibition by encouraging the children and teachers through the long process of research, acting as mentors when appropriate and, above all, by letting the children take control of their project.

Louise, a student in PY6 says: “I found this exhibition project really interesting. It was also funny to see that some groups had thought about the same subject but with different angles and therefore a completely different preparation. I enjoyed doing the project with my friend Lou and would love to do it again!”

We would like to congratulate our PY6 students who went above and beyond for the exhibition, and who were open-minded, reflective and communicative… fundamental qualities of the IB learner profile.