Back to School

Back to School
Jennifer Wallace


Letter from the Head of School - Back to School Edition

After 40 years working in schools, I am still humbled at the start of each year about just how immense the transition back to school can feel. There is so much change to take on board for all the community: students getting to know their teachers, becoming comfortable in a new classroom or new school, and of course, navigating the dynamics of the group and making new friends. There are new families to welcome and support as they learn how we operate on a daily basis. With every passing day, our teachers are getting to know their students better to create the most engaging atmosphere in the classroom. 

Back to School Edition

With an internationally mobile population and a bilingual programme, the volume of change and adaptation needs has additional complexities. And yet, upon reflection again this year, I think it is this very complexity that drives us to stay flexible, attentive to each other and create an inspiring environment for education. We work hard as a team to create a safe and welcoming school, and it is this culture of care and trust, once in place, that gives us the foundation from which to not only face challenges but to strengthen and nurture our community. 

Our first big school event of the year is International Day on Friday, 24th September. This is always a special day in the ICS Côte d’Azur calendar as children come to school dressed in traditional costumes, and families can come and enjoy a parade at the end of the school day.

It is an event that showcases just how truly international we are: “Our diversity is more than a school value; it is one of our greatest strengths.”

by Amanda Scott
Head of School