PY3-PY6 Students Experience an Unforgettable Classe Verte

PY3-PY6 Students Experience an Unforgettable Classe Verte
Jennifer Wallace

Residential trips enrich the mind, body and souls of our young explorers through holistic learning and total immersion in nature, enabling children to discover the world around them in a hands-on way. They also encourage the development of social skills by strengthening the student-teacher bond outside the traditional school setting.

Our PY3-PY6 students recently explored the wonders of the Hautes-Alpes during an unforgettable experience.

Here is a snapshot of the activities enjoyed by different classes:

  • A 10km hike with donkeys (including feeding and brushing them of course)
  • A 10km hike with huskies (with many hugs)
  • A visit to an old schoolroom, and an old fashioned French class
  • A creative art workshop involving making ink from different vegetation
  • Making a soup from foraged plants
  • Tree climbing, ziplining, rappel and rock climbing
  • Learning how to survive in the wilderness, including making a shelter and fire
  • Making rocket ships
  • Studying and recreating animal prints
  • Astronomy and the creation of a model solar system
  • A night hike
  • Witnessing an avalanche (from a very far, and very safe distance!)

We asked each class to share their thoughts:

  • “Every day we did awesome activities, it was amazing to see an avalanche in real life, and this was the best Classe Verte ever.” - PY6
  • “Our favourite day was Thursday because of the beautiful view and the extraordinary legends our guide told us.” PY5
  • "We were nervous at first to come but now we don't want to leave. The staff at La Pousterle were the best staff ever and we give it 10 thumbs up!" PY4
  • “We’ve been having a great time at the Classe Verte. We have been doing so many things like going on a hike in the mountains with the donkeys. The animateurs are really nice and we want to start all over again!” - PY3