Our ICS Community: Corinne Bouchet

Lise Cudin

We are delighted to continue our series of articles to introduce our Community. Today, meet Corinne Bouchet, President of Riviera Kids, our after-school activities and childcare partner.

Corinne, can you introduce yourself please?

I worked in asset management for a long time and I was beginning to lose my passion for my work, with the feeling that I was reaching the end of my rope. So three years ago I decided to change my professional orientation.

As president of several judo clubs in the department for many years, I had always cherished contact with children and I am very attached to human interaction. This is how Riviera Kids was born: a recreational club that meets the important needs of parents - childcare, safety, learning about daily life in a community, and collective leisure activities. 

The Riviera Kids recreational club takes into account the individual as a whole, helping them to express themselves, to thrive, to build themselves up to be autonomous, and to choose for themselves their leisure activities. 

Riviera Kids

What do you like most about your work?

I love the fact that I am playing a part in every child's development, accompanying them in their discovery of the world and contributing to their psychomotor development, as well as their well-being. Being actively engaged in the acquisition of their autonomy and development is very fulfilling.

Every member of the Riviera Kids team works in coherence and harmony with the child's life: school, family, outside partners.

It is essential to develop a relationship of trust in order to carry out our educational project.

Do you have a story to share with us?

Working with children is multifaceted. Sometimes it can be surprising, some days complicated, but above all it is very rewarding. Every child is different, every day is different and therefore every experience is unique. Children have a very special way of adding joy to our daily lives.

Do you have a word to share with the community?

Because the world of tomorrow will be shaped by our actions, we work to ensure that the children entrusted to us build the solid foundations of their personality. We provide them with knowledge, allow them to develop their creativity and much more. We offer them security, affection, and confidence in the world and in others.