Aiming for the Eco-School Green Flag with our PY6 students

Aiming for the Eco-School Green Flag with our PY6 students

Eco-Schools is the world's largest environmental awareness programme. As a Globeducate school, ICS Côte d'Azur aims to meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world. This is why our PY6 students are working hard to obtain the famous "Green Flag" by helping us become an Eco-School.

What is the Eco-Schools programme?

Eco-Schools is the world's largest sustainable school programme. It starts in the classroom and extends to the community by engaging the next generation, our wonderful students, in action-based learning.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of the programme is that it produces generation after generation of people who care about sustainability and the environment. We hope our students will continue the positive practices they have put in place for the eco school programme for the rest of their lives, and they will, in turn, pass on these habits to their families and communities.

Waste Management Theme

With this approach, our PY6 students and our eco-school coordinators Gabrielle and Nathalie are implementing new initiatives to adopt better habits towards sustainability within our school. What better way to start than by sorting and reducing our own waste in our classrooms!

"I care very deeply about this cause, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to both spend time with our students and do good deeds. I am very happy to see that our PY6 are completely motivated and involved in this fight for the environment." - Nathalie Lord, Administrative team member.


If you wander through the corridors of ICS Côte d'Azur after class, you can see an army of environmentalists investigating solutions to waste management. Indeed, our PY6 students are in the middle of analysing classroom waste bins - they are collecting and weighing all the waste. Do you know what the record is? Nine kilos and eight hundred grams - mainly composed of masks and papers.

Actions undertaken by PY6

Throughout the year, our PY6 students will set up various actions to reduce this waste as much as possible. They have conducted a survey among ICS Côte d'Azur teachers to research how much they print on paper, how much waste we produce that can be recycled, and some not-so-eco habits that we can improve.

And some actions are already in place! Thanks to their initiative, our families were able to recycle their old games in December during a toy collection. Another brilliant idea has been to create and decorate recycling bins for each class in the school, and every evening PY6 are responsible for emptying the material for recycling.

Eco-school py6


Our PY6 students will also have the chance to participate in an upcoming Model United Nations (MUN), which will include debates around raising awareness of ocean pollution. This is a great opportunity for them to understand more about issues that threaten local habitats, particularly as we are located by the Mediterranean Sea. 

The commitment our PY6 students have shown so far to undertaking new initiatives and changing their mindsets has been very impressive, and we know that they will be excellent role models for other students in school, and for their families at home.