ICS Awarded Eco School Silver Flag for 2024

ICS Awarded Eco School Silver Flag for 2024
Jennifer Wallace

ICS Côte d’Azur is delighted to announce that the school has been awarded the Eco School Silver Flag for its work on sustainability and environmental initiatives during the school year 2023 - 2024. The school’s Eco Warriors - students in PY5 and PY6 - along with Gabrielle Dinocourt (staff Eco Leader), have educated their fellow students and teachers on the theme of food throughout the year, implicating every class with an interdisciplinary approach that included seed planting, eco-maths, eco-literacy and eco-poetry.

The school is one of 797 schools in France who have obtained the “éco-école” label. The concept of eco-schools focuses on teaching students about environmental stewardship, reducing the ecological footprint of the school, and promoting sustainable practices in the broader community.

The highlight of the year at ICS was the seasonal fruit and vegetables mural created during eco-week in March. Every class contributed, and it is now proudly and prominently displayed in the canteen.

Gabrielle Dinocourt shares: “The silver flag shows how we teach and share sustainable development practices at ICS, and that our students understand their role in preserving our planet.”

Mathilde, a student in KG2 (MS) shared her thoughts on what it means to take care of our planet: “To me, to help the planet, we should not waste food, we should not throw litter on the ground, and we should help sea animals by not throwing plastic in the ocean.”

Clara, an Eco Warrior student in PY5 (CM1) says: “I wanted to be an eco-warrior because I feel like people are not doing enough to protect the planet, and it’s important that we all work together. And being an eco-warrior is so fun! We talk a lot about how we can help and then we organise fun activities for the school. My wish for the future of the Earth is that we take better care of it, and make all our trash recyclable, ensuring that it doesn’t end up on the ground or in the sea.”

ICS thanks the teachers and students for their hard work, enthusiasm, and support in making ICS a “leader” in environmental sustainability. We are also proud to join the six other Globeducate Schools in France who received awards this year. Preparations are already underway at the school for next year’s target: going for gold.