Enhancing collaboration and creativity through the STEAM approach

Jennifer Wallace

At ICS Côte d'Azur, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) play a crucial role in the development of our students' academic, social and personal success. We are delighted to be able to offer many STEAM activities to our learners to encourage collaboration, creativity and curiosity.

What is STEAM in the classroom?

We want your child to imagine a world of infinite possibilities.
Our approach to STEAM education allows us to provide all the skills needed to invent the future by developing transferable skills such as creativity, curiosity, resilience, inventiveness, teamwork and self-confidence.

Your child will be encouraged to experiment rather than wait for instructions and will learn that teamwork and critical thinking can solve even the most complex problems.

For example, in the classroom, you may witness our KG students using a magnifying glass to examine seeds, pine cones, leaves and other natural materials, and then comparing the results with looking at the objects without the magnifying glass - a great introduction to STEAM! 

steam activity

Or in PY3 and PY4 pupils use iPads to create shapes with a geopad. The application helps them to observe and compare the properties of different shapes to solve practical problems. 

Or in PY6, our students were recently set a challenge to find the best type of bottle and the best quantity of water to create the ultimate ‘Bottle Flip’ They experimented with different throwing techniques, collected data for each bottle type, calculated the fraction and percentage of success for each bottle type and produced a graph of their findings. They then experimented with different quantities of water, to see if that made any differences to ‘the flip’. A complex experiment, but one they greatly enjoyed!

Globeducate France Robotics Challenge

We are also delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the French school robotics challenge of our Globeducate group, which will take place next spring. More information will be available soon.

At the heart of our vision, shared by all Globeducate schools — we prepare students to be global citizens who can shape the world — lies our commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to make their own impact on the future.