Globeducate Robotics Challenge 2022

Globeducate Robotics Challenge 2022
Jennifer Wallace

Two of our PY5 students were thrilled to join the Globeducate France Robotics Challenge on May 10th. This event gathered 32 teams from 8 schools all over France, with most of the teams on site in Paris, and our students joining online.

Missions accomplished

Taking inspiration from other Globeducate students projected live on the big screen in The Hub, our students Achille and Santiago worked enthusiastically to solve coding challenges to move their robot around the mat. They programmed and assembled their robot to complete different tasks with increasing difficulty within a time limit. 

With their pragmatic and fun approach to the tasks, the team proved their knowledge of computer coding by earning points throughout the day.

On the way to 2023!

This is the first time our school has participated in such an event, and our PY5 students learned a lot from watching the action at other schools. They are looking forward to participating in the event in person next year.

Achilles said, "I loved participating! We had so much fun building our robots, even though there were some really tough challenges. It was a good experience to be outside the classroom, and I found it interesting to compare ourselves with the other schools and see the different levels of coding."

A huge congratulations to Achille and Santiago for representing ICS Côte d'Azur. Overall, they achieved third place in the Primary School rankings - what an achievement!