ICS & Mougins School Cross Country Competition

ICS & Mougins School Cross Country Competition
Jennifer Wallace


On Friday, February 2nd, ICS students from PY5 and PY6 joined our local sister school Mougins British International School for our first inter-school Cross Country event since 2019. This was a wonderful event for our students, as they got to participate in a real competition against other children, and build up their resilience and perseverance as they covered the 2.5km course.

Competitions such as these foster a healthy growth mindset, as they show that challenges can be opportunities for learning and improvement rather than obstacles. Watching each student cross the finish line, no matter their personal time, was an emotional moment for both parents and staff who were watching. 


Nicky Nash, our Sports Teacher says: A huge well done and congratulations to all the children in both schools that ran in the Cross Country event. I am so proud of them all, for the incredible efforts they put into the run, and also the way they behaved and represented the school and themselves. Their sportspersonship and team spirit was amazing. 

Well done to ICS students’ Mac and Liv for being selected as team captains, they led their teams with motivation, determination and encouragement, and were great role models. Congratulations to Calliope in PY5 for her silver medal in the girl’s competition, she made us all so proud!

To all those that didn't run, your support for your friends was brilliant to see. I look forward to having you join us in other sporting events during the year.

Team ICS, team spirit, teamwork!