ICS Back to School Edition! Part I. Integration Week

ICS Back to School Edition! Part I. Integration Week
Emna Metoui


Another exciting school year to come! Before meeting again our dear students for the start of the school year on September the 4th, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past two weeks at ICS as it's been an intense journey filled with growth and collaboration!

During the induction period, we had the pleasure of onboarding our incredible new team members who are joining us this year. We spent an entire week working together, sharing ideas, and getting to know one another before the rest of our staff arrived.

This past week, we were thrilled to welcome back all of our amazing staff! We've been busy bees, engaging in team-building activities, planning our curriculum, and reviewing valuable feedback from our parents' surveys.

Collaboration has been at the heart of our work as we prepare our classrooms and specialist teaching areas for the upcoming year. But that's not all! We've also been hard at work refining our IB framework, ensuring that our students receive the best possible education that aligns with international standards.

We want to thank our new Head of School, Gina Bianchi, for infusing us with her positive energy and new ideas. And special thanks to Nicky Nash, our fabulous Sports Teacher for organizing those very fun icebreakers and making sure everyone speaks to each other.

Kate, our new English PY1 teacher said: "I've never experienced such a nice welcome and I feel so lucky and thrilled to start this new school year at ICS!" 

To be continued...