ICS Students Rock Times Table Rockstars!

ICS Students Rock Times Table Rockstars!
Jennifer Wallace

Last week, students from PY4,5 & 6 were excited to participate in the Times Table Rockstars competition, a test of speed and accuracy that they found really enjoyable.

Participating in a global times tables math competition offers children a blend of fun and education. It ignites a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among peers worldwide, and the competitive nature of the event encourages children to sharpen their mental math skills. Through repeated practice and application, they gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, particularly multiplication.

This hands-on learning experience enhances their problem-solving abilities and boosts confidence in tackling numerical challenges.

ICS came 43rd out of 338 primary schools and collected a total of 44,402 points for the school. A special well done to our top scorers in each class, and Adrien in PY4, who was our highest scorer overall.