ICS Côte d'Azur International Day 2021

ICS Côte d'Azur International Day 2021
Jennifer Wallace

Every year at ICS Côte d'Azur we are proud to host International Day in September.

On this special day, students and teachers work together to showcase our diverse and multicultural community. Students come to school in traditional dress, they share stories, food and costumes from their home countries, and we end the day with a whole school parade that parents are invited to attend.

Below is a roundup of the activities enjoyed by every class:

The KG1 children enjoyed a morning of activities in class; they painted their flags, discovered traditional Scottish dress and in the afternoon tasted biscuits from around the world in our international snack. To round off the day they joined in the school parade and had fun with parents who joined us in the playground as they enjoyed dancing and playing with balloons and catching bubbles.

The PY1 children made crowns with flags from the country they were born in. They were very proud of their crowns and really enjoyed wearing them around for the day. They also learned to say hello in many different languages and had lots of fun saying them to their classmates. After lunch PY1 had an international day disco and they danced along to traditional dances from countries around the world. They did ballet, Irish dancing, line dancing and many more dances. It was so much fun!

PY2 enjoyed making flags and they also wrote hello in many different languages. They enjoyed waving their flags during the parade! They also learned a song with greetings in different languages.

For International Day PY3 and 4 did a collaboration and created posters which included their country’s form, flag and other facts about each country. The children then helped to display the posters in the playground under the pergola.

PY5 students did an inquiry of the flags that we have in our canteen. They used their prior knowledge to recognize the ones that they knew and used references; such as atlas and maps, to figure out new ones. This raised very interesting questions! Shortly after, we took a trip to five different countries around the world. Students had to work in groups to research the answers to questions. They received a stamp from each country in their passport if they were able to find the correct answers. This project was in collaboration with PY6.