KG1 and KG2 Trip to Parc Phoénix

KG1 and KG2 Trip to Parc Phoénix
Emna Metoui



On Friday, June 9th, our KG1 and KG2 classes made their end of year school trip to Parc Phoenix in Nice. 

What an incredible adventure for them to go on their first journey with their classmates and their teachers out of the school! And the excitement was real on the bus already!

Discovering for the first time this huge park dedicated to the world fauna and flora was a delight for the children’s eyes. Mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles or insects; children came across an array of animals, some of them they didn’t know.

In the greenhouse, they loved stumbling across new flowers with original colors and smells.

Where does this kangaroo come from? Who eats what? What are plants for? were one of the many questions children were asking themselves. 

But the highlight of the show remains obviously the encounter with lemurs!   

Thank you to all the volunteer parents who accompanied us during this very special day!