A Bilingual Education: Zooming in on our EFL and FLE learners

Amanda Scott

Our most important mission at International Community School Cote d’Azur is to ensure that all children’s academic, social and emotional needs are identified and met. At ICS Côte d'Azur our bilingual programme demands competency, or progress towards competency, in both English and French in order for all children to feel successful.

It is therefore important that children have the support and encouragement to develop their linguistic skills and apply them in a safe and welcoming environment. We believe that our school provides that environment for all our learners and are proud to see the growth that they demonstrate. 

At ICS Côte d'Azur we welcome children from all cultures and linguistic backgrounds. They help make our school the vibrant, international and challenging learning hub that we feel makes us so special. This said, some of our learners will naturally require additional support to become competent in English and/or French at school, as they speak other languages at home. We therefore offer support programmes that are adapted for each learner.

"This language support programme for French and English foreign language learners help them to build their confidence and independence with learning a new language" Giuliana Rossi English Teacher

These are provided by specialist teachers Anne Cavaillon (EFL) and Gabrielle Robin Dinocourt and Amandine Chantrel (FLE). The specialist teacher works closely with the classroom teachers to ensure that the timing of the specialised classes is appropriate within the routines of the regular school day.

As we reach the end of our first half-term period, we would like to celebrate the amazing progress that our FLE and EFL students have already made. We applaud their efforts as risk-takers and for their perseverance.  It is a joy every day to witness their growth and we wish them continuing success as they become confident communicators in a new language. We are proud of you!