Our PY3 at Terra Numerica for the Science Fest!

Our PY3 at Terra Numerica for the Science Fest!
Emna Metoui

Our PY3 students embarked on a captivating educational journey at Terra Numerica during the Science Fest.

Through three distinctive workshops, they delved into the fascinating world of mathematics from a fresh perspective.

Initially, they grasped the intricate process of how computers systematically organize and sort data. Next, they applied their newfound knowledge as they skillfully arranged discs in ascending order, offering a tangible understanding of mathematical concepts in action. And eventually, they explored networks creation. From computer networks to road networks and even bus networks, students unraveled the intricate web of connections that permeate our world. 

This outing proved to be an exceptionally enriching endeavor. Our students not only witnessed the practical application of mathematics in everyday life but also honed essential skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. They departed with a profound realization that mathematics is a dynamic force that shapes the very fabric of the world we inhabit.