Our PY4 visit the Médiathèque

Our PY4 visit the Médiathèque
Emna Metoui



We enjoyed very much taking a trip to the Médiathèque as it is the perfect place to disconnect and give our students good habits and above all a taste for culture.

The library is one of the best venues to arouse children’s curiosity. They have access to all subjects and can browse through books they may not have thought about.

Visiting a library allows them to take a break and relax, they can let themselves be tempted by comics or stroll through the shelves, leaf through magazines and discover new topics, new authors, new artists, new points of view. In a word, they can broaden their horizons.

It is also a place that attracts all generations (children, adults, seniors) and people from all communities. It is a social hub.

This time, our students took a trip that was all about music and they loved it! They played to musical islands, " a form of musical chairs"; learned about the different instrument families and watched a short movie about sounds and notes. 

Back in the classroom, it created a space for them to exchange and share information about their new knowledge.

Nitikorn, really liked being there for the day and exchanging about his classmates on instruments as he is playing violin himself. 

Kaï and Swann, who are playing respectively drums and guitar really liked the games but also the picnic in the park!

As for Carla and Clara they both liked to compare and discuss their experience with playing piano.