Autumn Outdoor Learning In Action

Autumn Outdoor Learning In Action
Jennifer Wallace

Outdoor Learning is a global movement to make time outdoors part of every child's day as teachers take their classes outdoors to learn. 
Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before and this is affecting their health, wellbeing and love of the natural world. Time outdoors will make children happier and healthier, as well as helping them form habits that will stick with them for life. They will have a love of the natural world and will take action to protect it.

At ICS Côte d'Azur we are fortunate to be surrounded by nature and we enjoy a warm and sunny climate, perfect conditions for our students to connect, learn and play! We've collected a roundup of some outdoor learning activities the students have enjoyed at school this Autumn.

KG1 - At school, your child will start to organise sequences of objects according to their shape or colour. These are the first algorithms that your child will be asked to perform. At first the sequences are simple. Later on, the algorithms will become more complex. Our KG1 pupils have reproduced simple and complex algorithms with autumn leaves, chestnuts, pine cones and logs.

KG2 - Everyone is limited by their skills or by time. However, by bringing the team together on a common project, you have a better chance of achieving your goals! This is why KG2 worked as a team on capacities and containers. The children fill containers/bottles with glasses or cups, using funnels, with slightly coloured water according to the teams. Observation, reflection and sharing... Our young scientists measure how many cups it takes to fill a bottle. 

PY1 - PY1 have been really busy learning sounds and are beginning to blend and segment some cvc (a consonant, vowel, consonant) words. Outside we have played many sound games such as; sound relay races, listen to a sound and run to where it is written, water painting over the sounds, writing the sounds with chalk and hopping on each sound in a cvc word... 

PY2 -  PY2 Students went on a number hunt on the playground to identify different numbers in their surroundings. If they could not find a numeral of a specific number they then had to create it using stones, sticks, leaves and anything else they could find outside. In pairs using iPads, they recorded the numbers that they found and created.

PY5 - In our approach to learning, research and reflection, we asked Py5 students to find ways to be safe, responsible and caring in the playground. They made lists of ideas that were inspired by activities the students can do together in the outdoor spaces in our school.