PY5 Publisher’s Breakfast

PY5 Publisher’s Breakfast
Jennifer Wallace
On Thursday March 2nd, World Book Day, PY5 students invited their parents to join them for a literary-themed breakfast in our school Mediathèque.
During their last PYP unit, students worked on their literacy skills in French and English, and they were guided to write short stories by looking at the following questions:
- Where do we look for inspiration for a story?
- How do we create characters?
- How do we decide on a plot and the action?
- How do we end a story?
We asked our students about how they found the creative process and they shared with us the following insights:
“The hardest thing was thinking of initial ideas, and I really enjoyed writing my English story as it's based on things I love.” - Freya
“I loved doing the illustrations and writing an action-packed story, but I found the editing process hard and basically rewrote my entire plot!” - George
“I wrote about a zoo and got my inspiration from friends and family.” - Scarlett
“Writing in French is easier for me but I am proud of my English story as it was a real challenge.”- Ethan
At the special breakfast, students pitched their short stories to parents to try to persuade them to buy their ‘books’. At the end of the session, parents could spend digital ICS money on their favourite stories, and we all raised a toast to the hard work of the students!
Parents loved the event too, one parent told us “My daughter has been talking about this project since day one, she has been so inspired by it and now wants to be a published author!” and another parent shared “It was so great to have the opportunity to speak to every child in the class and learn a little bit more about their personalities. And hearing them say 'Would you like me to present in English or French?’ with such confidence is fantastic!” Finally, a parent commented "Presentation skills are so important in life so it's wonderful that they are already building their confidence around speaking in public - and in two languages no less!"
We are proud of PY5 who displayed confident presentation skills when pitching their books, and answered questions from parents and teachers thoughtfully. They were real thinkers, communicators and risk takers. Congratulations!