STEAM Activities So Far in 2023

STEAM Activities So Far in 2023
Jennifer Wallace

Our innovative STEAM curriculum has got off to a great start in 2023 so far, showcasing our student's skills in design thinking, creativity, collaboration and self-evaluation. Here are just a few examples of what students have been up to.

Coding 101

In January, several classes worked on coding and robotics. The students learnt how coding involves programming demands into a device, relaying this information to an object (physical or on screen), and then observing the object perform the commands. This is part of the design thinking cycle, whereby students test their commands to ascertain what worked and what didn’t, and make improvements based on the feedback.

The students really enjoyed seeing their objects react to their commands, and relating it to real life scenarios that some of them use every day in video games like Minecraft or Super Mario, and LEGO robots.

A STEAM approach to History

Our students in PY4 have been looking at how the work of historians and historical knowledge informs our understanding of the present. Students have considered the styles of different architectural monuments throughout time periods. They also introduced a STEAM component to this unit, as students worked on the engineering process of aqueducts. They are building their own aqueducts, and have been challenged to transport water from one source to three different locations, without any leaks. They are currently in the testing and improvement phase. 

Robotics Club

This new initiative kicked off at lunchtime for students in PY5 and PY6. The purpose of the club is to prepare for the annual Globeducate France Robotics Competition, to be held in Paris in May. During club time, students learn how to use programming to manoeuvre a robot in response to a set of commands using the LEGO Spike Kits that we have in our STEAM Hub.

STEAM Home Challenge #2

After December's 'design and build a new toy' challenge, this month, students and their families were challenged to build a house using limited materials, and to also include the design process in a video. Watch this space for an update on the entries.