Emna Metoui


Our students took part in different challenges this week for the Globeducate Steam Days.

This week is dedicated to reminding us that children and young people are significantly better off with strong science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics skills. Also, as a Globeducate school this programme is embedded into the curricula our school delivers.

Our PY4 students started off this week with working on fun projects such as building a paper chair, a paper cup, paper glasses or the tallest freestanding tower using only some specific materials (even spaghettis were used!). They were then asked what challenge they liked the best and what surprised them about the design process.

Our PY5 students also had to make a prediction for the construction of their foil boat. They had to discuss with their partner how many marbles they think will fit in their boat so that it stays afloat. Those challenges are always a great way to work collaboratively and to reflect on what they enjoyed the most, what they learned and what challenges they faced.

Our PY6 students, as far as they are concerned, have gone deeper into the notion of LED circuits by designing a monster whose eye lights up. They then had a reflection time about what electrical engineers do.

Eventually, our PY2 class took a closer look at bird beaks and which food and tools are best suited for each. Next time they see a bird, they will know what food gets in their stomachs!

Reaching students at an early stage in their education and enabling them to use STEAM as a way to think differently and to succeed in any future career path is a key challenge for us as we know it will impact them so positively.