The Christmas spirit in Early Years!

The Christmas spirit in Early Years!
Emna Metoui

KG1: The Little Pine Tree's Tale

In KG1, the little ones embarked on a heartwarming journey with a new story about a Little Pine Tree. The story unfolded the pine tree's desire to be like the others, only for it to realize the beauty of being unique. The narrative not only captivated their imaginations but also imparted a valuable lesson about embracing individuality. To complement the story, the children were introduced to a delightful new song about the Little Pine Tree, setting the tone for the festive season. Following the storytelling session, the class engaged in a hands-on activity by constructing a giant pine tree puzzle. The activity not only fostered teamwork but also challenged their cognitive abilities. To add a personal touch, some students even wrote their names on the puzzle pieces, creating a collaborative masterpiece that reflected the uniqueness of each child. The festive spirit continued as they threaded beads with Christmas pipe cleaners, enhancing their fine motor skills while crafting beautiful decorations.

KG2: Crafting Christmas Magic

Meanwhile, in KG2, the focus was on creating Christmas magic while honing essential skills. The children were tasked with building their own Christmas trees, a process that required careful arrangement of branches in ascending order. This seemingly simple activity served as a fantastic opportunity to develop fine motor skills, as the young learners meticulously placed each branch in its designated spot. As the trees took shape, the class delved into the world of decorations. From colorful baubles to sparkling stars, each child expressed their creativity by adorning their trees with festive ornaments.