A visit from UNICEF

A visit from UNICEF
Jennifer Wallace
"Every child has the right to a childhood"
On Thursday, Madame Rizlane Nouassi, a representative from UNICEF, visited ICS to present the Convention on the Rights of the Child to our students. She listed every right that a child has, and how UNICEF supports countries to make sure that these rights are respected.
Students reflected on the phrase ‘Every child has the right to a childhood’, and learnt how UNICEF intervenes in some of the most dangerous and isolated places in the world to help children reach their full potential.
For PY6 students, this exercise ties into their current central idea “Pioneers of change - individuals throughout history have changed the world” and their line of inquiry “Pioneers of rights related to Children”. They were encouraged to share their opinions with each other on rights such as ‘The right to use their voice’, ‘the right to go to school’ and ‘the right to their own identity’.