Beyond the Classroom: Visit to a Waste Water Plant

Beyond the Classroom: Visit to a Waste Water Plant
Jennifer Wallace
On Friday 3rd March, PY5 students visited a wastewater plant in Monaco to celebrate the end of their PYP Unit ‘How to World Works’ and the central idea of ‘sustainable resources allow us to preserve the environment.”
This was a very enriching experience for them, as they saw for themselves how water arrives, how it is treated and cleaned, and where it goes afterwards. They also learnt about current research projects and trends in wastewater management, such as improving the process to recycle water to make it safe to drink. 
Gabrielle, their PY5 French teacher, shared with us “Experiencing this theme outside the classroom made the unit come to life for them. It was a very captivating tour and presentation, and I could see how inspired the students were as they asked thought provoking questions”
This was also a great opportunity for our Eco-Warriors in PY5 to get inspired for Eco Week from 20th-26th March.