WWF - Globeducate Quiz Unites 56 Teams of Primary Children

Jennifer Wallace
Three girls in a team focusing on the quiz.

Primary school children at ICS Côte d'Azur joined 20 other Globeducate schools to compete online in the annual WWF-Globeducate Quiz on 13th January, a fantastic opportunity for our young environmentalists to put their knowledge about wildlife and nature to life in a fun and engaging way, connecting with children from Globeducate schools from India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Andorra and the UK.


For the second year running, teams of children aged 8 to 10 took part in this lively, colourful and visual quiz, with photos, animal call recordings and video extracts. In total, 56 teams joined the event. Twenty multiple-choice questions formed the content of the quiz, with questions spanning different curriculum areas, with examples such as guessing which big cat roared a certain way, identifying grid references for the habitat of a walrus, diets of certain species, scale and fur types, and questions about food wastage and the changes in arctic sea ice.


Congratulations to The Indian Public School “Thundering Eagles” and Mougins British International School “Eco Warriors” who came in joint first place based on number of correct answers. In second place, “Superstars” from Granada College and “Sea Class” from Agora Portals International School, and in third place, the “Pandas” from Nobel British International School Algarve, “Superstars” from Agora Sant Cugat International School and “Mar” from IPS Lisbon.


Matt Larsen-Daw, WWF-UK Education Manager, welcomed the teams to this annual online event, saying. “Globeducate students and teachers have been doing some fantastic things and activities since we began working together three years ago and it is wonderful to have this opportunity to come together and celebrate our amazing natural world. Events like this bring us together and help us to develop our knowledge so that we can help to ensure nature and wildlife thrive in the future. Thank you to everyone for taking part.”


Three girls in a team focusing on the quiz.

Oanh Crouch, Education Director for Globeducate, introduced the event and said; “Another exciting WWF quiz event for our Globeducate students. Our partnership with WWF continues to support our students´ understanding and knowledge of the natural world and how to appreciate actions we can take to combat climate change.”


Amanda Scott, Head of School said; "It was wonderful to see our students so excited to participate in a global event that brought together so many young people who are passionate about our planet. Not only did they get to test out their knowledge, but they also got to see (virtually) their peers from 20 other Globeducate schools across the world."


We are proud of our ICS Côte d'Azur students for their amazing eco-knowledge and for being responsible global citizens. Being this environmentally aware at a young age, will ensure that they spread the word to their peers, and grow up to be caretakers of our planet.

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